Italy meets Australia’s Kakadu

​Pizza – a much-loved Italian dish famous around the world. Some of the more traditional Italian pizzas include the Sicilian, Napoletana, Capricciosa and the Margherita. But, like most of the cuisine’s adopted by Aussies, we have added our own unique take on the traditional Italian pizza, like the Australiana with an egg on top, for example.

During our recent trip to Kakadu, we decided to grab some lunch at the Cooinda Lodge, and there on the menu, tempting us, was a pizza packed with local produce including buffalo mince, crocodile sausage, bush spices, bush tomato and mozzarella. The Husband and I are not massive fans of eating non-traditional meats, but we agreed that we should be adventurous. So, we ordered the Kakadu pizza.

The Kakadu Pizza topped with crocodile and buffalo mince

As we chomped into our Kakadu pizza there was no trace of remorse for eating the cousins of one of the crocs we had just been intrigued by in the South Alligator River. After all they certainly wouldn’t give it a second thought if they were munching down on a fellow human that’s for sure!

Crocodile meat looks like fish with its white flesh, but it tastes a bit like chicken, and the buffalo mince tasted a bit like lamb. Together the combination of the two meats with the spices, tomatoes and stretchy mozzarella was delicious. Even Red thought it was good, hooking into a piece of crocodile with enthusiasm!

D-Man just stuck to boring old chicken nuggets and chips. Maybe one day he will appreciate Australianised Italian delicacies.

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