Easter in the Tropics

“Do you think the Easter Bunny leaves eggs in the fridge instead of a basket now that we are in Darwin?” I asked D-Man over breakfast one morning.

I was reminiscing about when I first came to Darwin in April last year, and, as a treat, I bought some Tim Tams to have with an evening cuppa. I put said Tim Tams in the pantry cupboard, yet, come cuppa time after the boys are tucked up in bed, they were a melted mess! I wondered how on earth I was going to keep eggs hidden ahead of our big trip! In the end I bought some a few days before D-Day, stashed them in a bag, hid them in my bedroom cupboard and proceeded to run the aircon in our bedroom 24-7 until we left. Thank goodness for solar panels!

Back at the breakfast table, D-Man chomped on his honey toast deep in thought. “I reckon he will leave them in the Jayco fridge."

A few days later we wake up at Edith Falls in Nitmuluk National Park. The Bunny has been!

Easter loot!

It wasn’t what he’d planned on leaving D-Man and Red. No – that still remains hidden in a plastic bag inside my bedroom cupboard, sans aircon. Instead the bunny had delivered a couple of books, and bowl and plate set, a Lindt bunny egg pack, and a box of those delicious Lindt chocolates (for mum and dad of course!).

D-Man was stoked with the haul, and while Red bashed the heck out of his melamine bowl and plate, I smirked thinking how nice that would be to wake to at 6am after a big night. Take that noisy neighbours!

I asked D-Man if the bunny had left any eggs in the fridge. And sure enough his face lit up when he saw a big bunny in the door with a Kinder Surprise egg for Red! His smile never faltered either when he picked up the flat melted bunny!

Melted bunny
Flat bunny - still chocolate though!

You see, in our haste to buy the last of the eggs at Wollies the day before, I’d left them in the boot of the car until evening. Epic fail! Equally as epic were my fits of hysteria as I found said bunny, seemingly lifeless at the bottom of the Wollies bag. Well I did the silent laugh parents often perform in close proximity to sleeping children!

Maybe I shouldn’t have joked before leaving that the bunny might not find the boys on the road and would just leave the eggs at home?

So after eating some melted bunny for breakfast we went for a little walk before breaky of bacon and eggs. Soon our friendly campground manager popped by and reminded us about the Easter egg hunt.

We hopped to it and hightailed to the kiosk - pun intended!

D-Man and the other kids gathered waiting for instructions for the hunt. “Hello kids and Happy Easter,” said the staff member. “Does everyone know what a cotton wool ball looks like,” she asked?

So, after all, it does seem they do, in fact, do Easter a little differently here in the tropics.

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