The longest day on earth!

Well… I am exaggerating, but my goodness it’s not far from the truth!

Today started early after an awfully long night with a sick baby. After initially thinking he was just upset and running a little hot from some teeth coming through, we soon started to worry there was something else going. Nonetheless we thought we would hit the road early and push through the 900km south to Alice Springs and get him seen by a doctor once we arrived.

But after travelling just 200 kilometres in three hours on account of our three stops to help settle Red. He simply was not happy despite breastmilk, breakfast, nappy changes and a little playing. We even turned his rearward facing car seat forward facing in the hope he would be happy looking out the window a little more happily. We passed him an endless supply of ‘toys’ but the only one that helped us snatch about 15 minutes of peace was my mobile phone case where he could remove every last card. The phone barely gets a second look when the cards are involved.

Oh, and he did sleep for 30 minutes. *insert eye roll here*

I’m not going to lie – the Husband and I sat silently in our thoughts about what on earth we were doing while Red screamed his lungs out. Not even his wails drowned out the screaming in my head saying “turn around you bloody idiots – go home and try again when the kids leave home.”

We finally made it to Tennant Creek and called the only GP. But unless we were prepared to wait a week to see said doctor, we had no choice but to visit the Emergency Department at the local hospital.

One urine test, two failed attempts at a bloods, and three hours later we left – with still no clear idea on what was causing our littlest offspring such distress.

We pushed onto Alice Springs hoping that our camp site hasn’t been taken. Thankfully though Red was at least resting his lungs a little more. It would be better if he had rested his eyes, but any form of quiet was a bonus.

Views along the road - these table top mountains are about 100 kilometres north of Ti Tree on the Stuart Highway

D-Man has been a perfect angel in comparison. It’s all on account of that sanity saving device. The sanity saved though is lost when we arrive and ask him to turn the bloody thing off.

Ahhhhh – ‘Have kids,’ they said. ‘It’ll be fun,’ they said. Yeah right!

Finally we arrive into camp at close to 10pm. Special thanks must go to the crew at BIG4 Mac Ranges for allowing us to keep our booking and checking us in late – forever grateful after what seemed like the longest journey ever!

Our set up at the BIG4 Mac Ranges Holiday Park

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