Red dirt stains

It’s any mother’s worst nightmare – cleaning the mess out of her boys’ clothing. I’m not referring to the regular food blemishes. No. I’m talking fair and square about the red dirt from Australia’s heart. It gets deep into the fibres of your clothes and a regular hot wash at a caravan park washing machine just doesn’t cut the mustard.

It's how my boys roll...

We have been ‘roughing’ it now for about a fortnight at a mix of campgrounds, cattle stations and national parks. Sure – I washed along the way, but we never had the time or even the necessary cleaning products to give the clothes a good soak.

Finally we returned to civilisation and pulled up stumps at the BIG4 Mac Ranges. Thankfully they have a very good laundry – even if the washing machines do a quick 30-minute cycle. So after two filthy piles of little boy clothes were made, I soaked each for a few hours before putting each load through the machine. I used a combination of Napisan to soak, stain remover spray onto the offending dirt marks, double the washing liquid and another scoop of Napisan in the machine just for good measure.

Red dirty water left over after a good soaking

I really wanted to hit that red dirt hard!

But that damn red dirt prevailed despite my heavy-duty stain removing attempts.

I guess it will forever remind me of all that fun my two rowdy boys had making memories building roads, digging holes, and exploring in central Australia’s red earth.

And let’s be truly honest – the red dirt has forever stained my heart and soul – for the better!

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