Caravan park toilet etiquette

Even though I grew up in a family of all girls (Dad and the dog aside), I still know how to have a good laugh at… well…. to put it nicely, toilet humour. This is not news to those that know me well. But jokes aside, when you have to share a toilet block with your fellow travellers there really are a few things that just are not funny.

You are not the only person using the basins

At campground amenities we do many things in front of the basin and mirror (if you are so lucky) – wash your hands, brush your teeth, brush your hair, have a shave, straighten and blow-dry your hair (I am not kidding you! I have seen people ‘camping’ in the loos doing their hair all fancy-like…. Seriously?!?! Ain’t nobody got time for that!).

Anyway, you get my point. But when you see that someone has placed their toothbrush, toothpaste and a hand towel next to a sink while they do a quick wee before bed – DO. NOT. SHAVE. YOUR. FACE. OVER. SAID. TOOTHBRUSH. Your whiskers drop onto the freaking toothbrush you idiot! There are enough bristles on the toothbrush – it does not require yours.

Don’t sit next to me

Seriously – when there are heaps of toilet cubicles free, please don’t occupy the one next to the only ‘engaged’ loo, when you need to do you do.

I don’t want to hear that! I don’t want to smell that! And, chances are, I am probably doing my do and don’t want to share my business with the person literally sitting next to me!

Clean up after yourself

This should go without saying – especially with the toilet. If you make a mess wipe the toilet seat – or floor if that’s the case. Or if there is a croc slide on the bowl, use the brush. If you have left water for days in the shower stall, use the mop almost every campground provide to soak up the excess water. If you’re lucky enough to get a bench in your shower stall please wipe it down for the next person to enjoy dry clothes.

Not only cleaning up after yourself is the decent thing to do for your fellow travellers, it will also mean the campground doesn’t have to pay overtime to the cleaner and camp fees will be kept in check!

Turn off the lights and shut the doors

Yes – we all know you live in a tent, but out here, please keep the bugs and other animals out of the loos by closing the door and turning off the lights at night time.

And while you’re at it – close the lid to keep the frogs out. No one likes a cold reptile on your backside in the middle of the night.

Make sure your do is gone

If your big steamer jams up the toilet, just wait patiently in your cubicle for the cistern to refill and flush again. Easy, simple, effective. I don’t think I need to explain why this good practice.

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